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Find out the benefits of being a USAC club.  Not only will this provide you with some club benefits but part of your membership will come back to your local association to help promote cycling and racing in Arkansas!

Benefits of membership


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Many of you are curious about the benefits you might receive by being involved with the local organization called Arkansas Bicycle Coalition (ABC) and/or USAC. Your local organization is funded by your participation with USAC. All funds your local organization receives go back to the cycling community in Arkansas. Your participation and input are how we determine where funds are spent. In past years the primary participation has been from the racing community however we know that we all share a love for cycling and there are many more aspects to cycling than racing. The ABC already provides a centralized location for sharing information and collaboration.  We provide state and local event listing with links when able as well as some regional interest. Our calendar does not just have races but will have skills clinics, Fondo rides, and some fun events for Arkansas and surrounding areas. We have a page just for all USAC and non USAC clubs we want to make it easy for people to reach you and for you to reach others. There is information on the ABC board and the ability to contact us with any questions or help you may need that is cycling related. As we all know in the cycling community, we don’t just ride bikes together, but we become family.  With the large network of cyclist, you, your club, the ABC, and USAC can get much more done on the advocacy fronts, legislatively, and just for each other.

I know this is a long list but there are so many tangible and intangible benefits to being a member of ABC and USAC. Ask yourself about the reasons you joined your club? Why do you ride in a group? We all fair better when we a mass in numbers and ABC and USAC is no different. 

USAC and ABC mission


It is USAC’s mission is to develop the sport of cycling in the United States at all levels by bringing together cyclists, coaches, event promoters, community leaders, volunteers, and fans to form communities of those who want to see the sport of cycling prosper. We harness the passion so many have for cycling and turn it into opportunities for us all to enjoy the sport together. And the ABC’s mission to uphold this and foster all aspects of the cycling community in Arkansas.

USAC and the ABC partner with individuals and organizations to enhance cycling safety, advocate for cyclist’s rights, and promote the positive impact cycling has on individuals and communities across the country and right here in Arkansas.




USA Cycling provides supplemental accident medical coverage to its members participating in events. The requirements for coverage depend on the type of membership you have - more information can be found below.

The benefit provisions are as follows:

Medical Expense (maximum) $25,000*
Accidental Death and Dismemberment $1,000

*Maximum benefit of $500 for Dental, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy and Transportation. This accident medical policy does not stack with multiple memberships.  For example, if a licensed USAC member is also a SILVER or GOLD member, and that member participates in a USAC permitted Gran Fondo or Fun Ride, the insurance provided has a single limit of $25,000, not $50,000.

Our policy provides coverage as follows:

1. It is supplemental coverage.
2. The accident medical policy’s deductible will be the same as the member’s primary medical policy’s deductible with a minimum deductible of $1,000 and a maximum deductible of $5,000.  If the member does not have primary medical insurance, then the deductible is $5,000.
3.  Once the primary carrier has paid their portion of the medical expenses, the USA Cycling carrier will pay 70% of the Reasonable and Customary remaining expenses ABOVE the deductible, up to a limit of $25,000. 

USA Cycling, Inc. offers 24/7 roadside assistance benefits to all active SILVER & GOLD members. This coverage can be used as often as needed for each member. Coverage is provided for registered cyclists and their bicycles on any road, anytime, throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Roadside assistance can be reached at 877-897-0331. This benefit includes:

  • Transportation Assistance      - If the bicycle becomes      inoperable, the bicycle and rider will be transported to the nearest      qualified service facility or to any location requested by the insured up      to 20 miles per occurrence.  The cost for any additional      transportation over this 20-mile benefit limit will be at the      customer’s expense.
  • Extrication Assistance - Provides assistance with extricating the bicycle when      stuck in a ditch, or other inaccessible area, in which such location is      within 50 feet of a paved maintained road or highway.
  • Flat Tire Assistance - If the bicycle is rendered immobile as the result of a      flat tire, a service provider will be dispatched with commonly available      tools upon request or have your bicycle transported.  We do not      deliver bicycle equipment (i.e. bicycle tires).
  • Locked-out Assistance - Due to the inability to verify ownership of the bicycle      we do not dispatch a service provider to free a locked bike.       However, should you secure the service on your own to free your locked      bicycle; you may submit a claim for reimbursement for up to $50.


 Partner BenefitsUNITED AIRLINES - Up to 10% off the retail fare price of domestic and international flights operated by United Airlines and select international codeshare flights operated Lufthansa, Air Canada, Swiss, Brussels, Austrian and ANA to USA Cycling sanctioned events. Savings are greater the farther in advance you book!INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP (IHG®) - is a preferred hotel provider of the USA Cycling team. Members of USA Cycling can receive up to 15% off at great brands like Staybridge Suites®, Holiday Inn Express® and InterContinental®. For more information on how to book, log-in to your Member Account. BIKE FLIGHTS - Tired of the hassle and expense of flying with your bike?’s bicycle shipping service makes traveling with a bicycle convenient, reliable and affordable for cyclists of all types. With our Best Way Guarantee, you get the best service, on-time delivery, and best price with each shipment, whether domestically or internationally. Find out how much it would cost to ship your bike today. RACK ATTACK - is proud to be the Official Rack Retailer of USA Cycling. Members get access to exclusive benefits and expert service both online and in Rack Attack stores across the country. ADVENTURE ADVOCATES - Providing USA Cycling members with voluntary low-cost accident insurance and many other benefits. This membership program provides affordable protection for accidental injuries 24 hours per day, 7 hours per week (subject to certain exclusions and limitations).   For accident insurance plan details and to enroll, please contact us at 1-800-211-9002 or visit us online at AdventureAdvocates.comNATIONWIDE INSURANCE - is the official insurance partner of USA Cycling. Through this partnership, USA Cycling members can get protection for all the things that matter to them, including exclusive discounts for select Nationwide products and services. And when you purchase a policy through Nationwide, it helps to support our organization.  Auto. Home. Powersports. Pet. They all matter, so wrap them all in a blanket of Nationwide protection. We put members first, because we don't have shareholders.NICHOLAS HILL BENEFIT GROUP -  can assist our members in their search for the right individual, family and group health insurance plans at the right price, with PPACA (Obamacare) certified plans both on and off of healthcare exchanges, and non-qualified PPACA plans including supplemental policies. [Major Medical Insurance, Short-term Health Insurance, Accident Medical Plans, Dental/Vision Coverage, Disability Income Protection, and more]   For information, please visit or call 1-866-200-2135BIKE LAW -  will provide the following to all USA Cycling members:Access to initial consultation with a bike lawyer on a priority basis within 24 hours and without charge on bicycle related legal matters. Access to legal advice without charge for all USA Cycling clubs.Should you decide to hold an event for any type of cycling related activity you can permit this through USAC and receive piece of mind that your event is covered should anything happen. The fees are below and include a comprehensive insurance policy that is competitive and will help protect you or your club. Permitting is not just for races. In fact, there are just as many incidents at non-competitive events as there are at races.TRAINING PEAKS - FREE TrainingPeaks training and nutrition log or 20% off Premium edition. (Coach Edition discount also available) TrainingPeaks provides the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. Start tracking, analyzing and planning your training today.HALO SPORT - USA Cycling members save 15% on their purchase of Halo Sport - the first-ever brain stimulator that accelerates the rate at which you develop power, skill, and endurance to help unlock your performance potential. Halo is helping athletes and organizations, including the members of the USA Cycling National Team. By wearing Halo Sport during your warmup, each training repetition more rapidly develops power, technique, and endurance. SAFE-TEC is USA Cycling's newest partner and member benefit provider. SAFE-TEC smart helmets were developed to help make riding safer while providing the benefits of a performance helmet. Learn more about Safe-Tec and as a USA Cycling member receive 25% off your order.EXPERTVOICE - As a member of USA Cycling, you are recognized as an elite expert in your industry. This means the world’s top brands want to offer you insider access and exclusive discounts of up to 70% on ExpertVoice. Join now to start engaging with over 200 brands, including Helly Hansen, Abel Reels, Gregory, Brooks Running, Benchmade, Nike Vision, Purina, Skullcandy, and many more.STAGES - USA Cycling members can save on their next power meter or dash head unit with Stages Cycling. Members get a discount of up to 20% on three (non-closeout) items per customer at one time. KT TAPE -  is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. KT Tape is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be used for hundreds of common injuries - helping you train longer and finish stronger. Purchases are also eligible for FREE Shipping. 25% offSIS - USA Cycling members can fuel with nutrition from Science in Sport. SiS are pioneers of innovative sports nutrition and in 2016 fueled over 30 Olympic medals & Tour de France victories. 20% Off ATHLETIC GREENS - Health is dynamic, which USA Cycling is proud to partner with Athletic Greens. They have created a comprehensive formula that helps you adapt as your daily needs change due to stress, sleep patterns, or an imperfect diet. As a USA Cycling member you will receive 15% off all products purchased through the link provided on your Member Benefits portal in your account. CYCLING PUBLICATIONS INCLUDING:FREE annual digital subscription + 25% off annual print/gift Balancing content between history and current events, racing and recreation, technical articles and interviews, Peloton Magazine offers a view into cycling that includes the stars as well as the people behind the scenes.📷$5.00 off your next annual subscription - or - $10.00 off a two-year subscription📷$5.00 off your next annual subscription - or - $10.00 off a two-year subscriptionCycling Foundation apparel - 10% off USA apparel. These unique designs are produced through a special partnership with Voler and are made in the United States. Proceeds from each sale directly support the Olympic development process in all disciplines of cycling

*We offer complimentary race director licenses to people interested in permitting their gran fondo, gravel event, fun ride, or charity ride with USA Cycling. This is an additional $200 benefit for free. Please contact our Event Services team to override the license requirement. Finally, even if you decide that you don’t want to pay for membership or just don’t see that any of this is a benefit or applies to you, the ABC is still here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns for your area. Please share your cycling events with us so we can spread the word! 


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Racing License

Racing License

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Racing License

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